Partnering for Growth: A Testimonial from Lester Hoffman, Sales Manager at Crystele Homes

At Australian Land & Housing (ALH), we prioritise collaboration and synergy with our industry partners to bring forth exceptional opportunities for homebuyers and builders alike. Today, we’re proud to share a testimonial from Lester Hoffman, Sales Manager at Crystele Homes, highlighting our fruitful partnership and shared vision for growth.

Empowering Custom Builds to Greenfield Development

Over his tenure spanning nearly three years, Lester has witnessed the evolution of Crystele Homes from its origins in custom builds to venturing into greenfield development, particularly focusing on home and land packages.

Reflecting on the significant growth trajectory, Lester notes that Crystele Homes has substantially expanded its operations, now averaging around 120 homes built annually. However, the vision doesn’t halt there. The aspiration is to elevate this figure to 200 homes within the next few years, a testament to their ambition and commitment to excellence.

A Seamless Partnership for Mutual Success

Central to this growth strategy is the symbiotic relationship between Crystele Homes and ALH. Lester emphasises the seamless collaboration between the two entities, underlining the understanding shared by ALH directors, Damian and Tim, regarding the intrinsic connection between land developments and building endeavors.

This synergy has paved the way for ALH to present exclusive land developments to Crystele Homes, providing them with the ideal canvas to package their products. Through this collaboration, they offer finished products that cater to the diverse needs of the community, ensuring accessibility and satisfaction for homeowners.


Lester Hoffman’s testimonial encapsulates the essence of our collaborative ethos at Australian Land & Housing. Through strategic partnerships and a shared commitment to innovation and growth, we continue to shape the real estate landscape, empowering builders and homeowners alike. We extend our gratitude to Lester and Crystele Homes for their trust and partnership, and we look forward to continued success together.

For builders seeking to elevate their ventures and embark on a journey of growth, we invite you to connect with us at Australian Land & Housing. Together, let’s build the future of real estate.

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