Damian Hogan - Director of Australian Land & Housing

Damian Hogan


With a dynamic career spanning over 25 years, Damian Hogan is a driving force and a seasoned professional in the real estate industry. Holding the position of Director at Australian Land & Housing (ALH), Damian’s leadership is marked by a keen understanding of development management and sales. As a licensed Real Estate Agent, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insights that form the backbone of ALH’s success.

Damian’s journey in the real estate sector has been characterised by a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of maximising the potential of every project. His strategic vision not only aligns with industry best practices but goes beyond, ensuring that ALH stands out as a leader in the field. Damian’s role is not just about managing projects; it’s about shaping communities and creating lasting value for both clients and residents.

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